CJR Announces New Brand Identity Reflecting the Organization’s Evolution and Growing Continuum of Care

Litchfield, Conn. — CJR has unveiled a new brand, including a new identity, mission statement, and website, reflecting the organization’s evolution and growth in meeting current and future needs of youth and families across Connecticut. CJR’s new look represents a commitment by the organization to continue to build on the exceptional treatment, education, and support for children, young people and families that have become synonymous with the CJR brand while remaining steadfast to the values that have guided the organization since 1904.

The Connecticut-based nonprofit provides residential, education, community, and wellness services throughout the state, serving more than 1,700 individuals and families annually.  CJR’s skilled and compassionate team of 275 staff members is committed to helping children, youth, and families identify and utilize their strengths to meet challenges, resolve problems, and relate to others in healthier, happier, and more productive ways.

“CJR’s continuum of care has never been more comprehensive, accessible, or needed than it is today,” said CJR President and CEO Dan Rezende.  “We are incredibly excited to roll out a new brand designed to better connect us with those we serve and support in deeper and more meaningful ways during Mental Health Awareness Month.”

“Our brand refresh process involved many of CJR’s key constituencies, enabling us to capture and convey CJR’s voice today with greater impact,” said Rick Judd, Chair, CJR Board of Directors. 

Elements of CJR’s brand evolution include:

New Logo: The dragonfly mark reflects the encouragement, tools, and resources CJR provides to promote positive change in a safe, warm environment. The dragonfly has long been a symbol of happiness, new beginnings, and change.

New Tagline: The new tagline, Nurturing Change. Creating Possibilities., captures the organization’s strength-based approach, and hopefulness for the future.    

New Mission Statement: The new mission statement expresses the organization’s guiding principles and goals CJR strives to accomplish in helping individuals and families live their best lives. At CJR, we believe every young person should have the opportunity to thrive. Our mission is to provide the necessary therapeutic treatment, education, and support for young people and their families to promote positive change and transform lives.

Official Name Change from Connecticut Junior Republic to CJR.

Redesigned website (www.cjrimpact.org) serving as a valuable tool to showcase the organization’s impact, spotlight its services, provide resources, and engage the community.

About CJR

Founded in 1904, CJR provides the care, treatment, education, and support young people and families need to attain positive change, personal growth, and to transform their lives. Offering Education, Residential, Wellness, and Community services, CJR has 16 campus and office locations across Connecticut.  Provided by 275 professionals, CJR services help more than 1,700 individuals and families across Connecticut annually. For more information, visit www.cjrimpact.org.



Hedy Barton, CFRE
Director of Development
550 Goshen Road, P.O. Box 161
Litchfield, CT 06759
Tel. (860) 567-9423, ext. 1252
Email: hbarton@cjryouth.org
Website: www.cjrimpact.org

May 3, 2023