Career and Technical Course Offerings

All students have an opportunity to enroll in vocational courses. This allows students to develop a theoretical base for course content and apply that knowledge in practical ways in and out of the classroom setting.

Students also develop and maintain an experiential learning portfolio, which integrates skills in the given trade with reading, writing, mathematics, and independent living. The portfolio serves as a collection of each student’s accomplishments, and may be used as a tool for instruction and assessment. Students may also opt to enroll in applied learning courses that integrate and synthesize academic and vocational skill development.

These classes help students discover the value of their academic studies while fostering work maturity, independent and critical thinking, and marketable skills. The following vocational education classes are off­ered:

  • Building Design and Drafting/Construction
  • Creative and Fine Arts
  • Culinary Arts
  • Graphic Arts
  • Power Mechanics
  • Vocational Agriculture: Animal Science
  • Vocational Agriculture: Plant Science, Horticulture, and Landscape Design
  • Wood Technology