In person or virtually, CJR provides personalized treatment plans for individuals of all ages, including individual therapy, family therapy, psychiatric services, and case management.

Together, we help individuals and families overcome obstacles and reach new levels of personal development and growth.

CJR’s Wellness Center team includes psychiatrists, marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers, and licensed professional counselors who are equipped to help children, teenagers, and families address an array of challenges.

The Wellness Center also off­ers specialized treatment that addresses the mental health needs of children, adolescents, and families suff­ering from the e­ffects of early trauma.

Family conflict

We get to the root causes of family conflict and can address psychological challenges within the household, emotional dysregulation in the household, and the behavior choices of the family members.

School-related challenges

School-based therapists work within elementary, middle, and high school facilities to help students overcome matters that interfere with success at school.


Parenting can be challenging in today’s world. Therapy can help parents address their own past and present experiences, which may be affecting their relationship with their child. Therapy is there to support parents with better communication skills in their relationships with their children, to establish more confidence in setting limits, and to build cohesion and structure in the home.


Trauma is a response to a stressful situation that can have an impact on your day to day life.  Trauma can happen at any age and impact your physical and mental health in many ways.  With treatment and support you can learn to overcome these effects and improve your quality of life.

Trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TFCBT)
PTSD | CPTSD | Acute stress disorder
Dissociative disorders | Other trauma

Developmental adjustment

A combination of treatments designed to address a short-term emotional or behavioral reaction to a known stressful event or change in a child’s life that is considered maladaptive or unhealthy and unexpected.

Substance abuse and antisocial patterns of behavior

Substance use and other maladaptive or anti-social behaviors are often a result of other unresolved stress and traumas in one’s life. Through individual and family therapy, as well as intensive evidenced based practices, we are able to help individuals and families get to the root of these behaviors and reduce conflict and the negative impact these behaviors have on daily life.

Where We’re Located

CJR’s Wellness Center locations off­er flexible hours; five satellite locations, including a variety of school-based locations available by special arrangement; and community outreach.

CJR Wellness Centers are in:


To make an appointment
at one of CJR’s Wellness Centers,
call 1-855-4CJRWELL
or (860) 618-2825

CJR’s Wellness Program FAQ

Who will be helping me?

You will be working with a therapist who can help you with the type of issues you/your child is dealing with. Di­fferent therapists have different approaches and areas of focus, so it’s important to find the right person who can achieve the best results for you. If you start the process and you feel your therapist isn’t a good fit, you may elect to be matched with a di­fferent therapist.

Is what I share confidential?

Yes. What is discussed in sessions is completely confidential with three caveats: (1) immediate threat of harm to self or others, (2) suspicion or confirmation of child or elder abuse, (3) in the case of a court-ordered subpoena.

How long is a typical therapy session?

50 minutes

How does an individual get referred to the program?

Referrals to any of CJR’s Wellness Center sites may be made directly by the individuals seeking services, through a CJR program, or by other organizations in the community.

How much does it cost?

CJR’s Wellness Center accepts all major insurances and o­ffers a sliding scale and other financial options for those who may not have insurance or where payment is a barrier.

How can I refer someone to the Wellness Center?

To make a referral, call the Wellness Center at 1-855-4CJRWELL or fax a referral to 860-618-2824.

How long does treatment typically last? When will I know when I’m done?

Treatment length will vary based on an individual’s treatment goals.

Do you also offer telehealth visits?

Individuals can meet with a therapist either in person or virtually, depending on their preference.

What languages does CJR provide services in?

CJR is able to directly deliver services in Spanish in all programs; translation services will be provided for care givers who speak languages other than Spanish.

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Our expert, extensively trained, and compassionate team at CJR has deep experience in relating to individuals and treating the root causes of their symptoms. For any questions about CJR’s Wellness Center programs, please contact: