When we invest in our children and families, we are building a brighter, more prosperous future for all. By helping CJR kids soar, we ensure our communities rise with them.


“Every day’s a new day. You’ve got to wake up, you’ve got to feed the cows, you’ve got to take care of yourself and keep pushing – no matter what.”

Tom, CJR alumnus and recent graduate of the Independent Electrical Contractors of New England’s apprenticeship program, describing the life lessons he learned as a student on the CJR farm.


“I learned to listen to others more—instead of just listening to myself. I’ve seen a bigger picture.”

Jashiere, TRAC, REGIONS & MST-FIT participant whose mother now describes him as “working and motivated.”


“I had a feeling I could trust her [therapist] and I could open up. I could feel that it was going to be OK.”

Angelina, Wellness Center and MDFT program participant, is now exceling as a high school freshman and musician.


“Life is hard when you’re that age [11 years-old], and CJR was a safe place where I felt really comfortable talking to the adults around me.”

Brea, SAFE program participant and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America who now works as a chef in one of the greater Hartford area’s most highly regarded restaurants.

CDRC – One of CJR’s Litchfield residential programs that CJR provides for boys.

REGIONS – A longer-term residential program that CJR provides for boys in Waterbury.

MST-FIT – In-Home therapy service that treat youth in their natural communities; serves both boys and girls and their families, generally following a residential placement at CJR or at another program in the state.

Wellness Centers – CJR’s behavioral and mental health programs with clinics in Litchfield, Torrington, New Britain, Waterbury and Danbury. CJR provides school-based behavioral and mental health services at 20 schools located primarily in Litchfield, New Haven and Hartford counties.

MDFT – Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy- An in-home therapeutic program that serves youth and families in the Waterbury, Torrington and Danbury regions.

SAFE – The Success Always Follows Education Program is a prevention and early intervention after-school program that helps teens avoid risky behaviors and focuses on making responsible choices, career exploration, and developing academic, vocational and employment skills.

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